Train your brain to think in English

Talk fluent tips and learn how to think in English

In this course you will learn how to think in English

What you’ll learn

  • How to think in English.
  • Some tips for learning English.
  • How to talk fluent.
  • Stop translating in your head.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 33min.

Train your brain to think in English


  • No knowledge required.

In this course you will learn how to think in English

Best tips and tricks are given

You can also learn how to speak English fluently


Watch the course twice at least and write down important tips


I’ll be there for you always and you can ask questions every time

We have weekly meetings too

You will learn how to practice English and how to start thinking and making decisions like natives







If you can’t think in English, you can’t become totally fluent in English. That may sound a little bit strange, but it’s true. Translating your language into English will keep you from being able to naturally communicate. This course will push you to use your English brain. It includes exercises, techniques, and a rigorous path toward fluency. This course is absolutely essential for anyone ready to take their English to the next level.


You will be able to see my face and mouth clearly in each video lesson, and I will use a blackboard at all times.


Each lesson focuses on a single idea, and each is comprehensive. You can go at your own pace and should take your time, with lots of practice between videos. Replaying each lesson is highly recommended.


The old expression ‘practice makes perfect’ is not correct. In fact, it should be: ‘PERFECT practice makes perfect’. That means, you can work hard and make very little progress with your spoken English, or you can work hard and smart, with this course, and make huge strides towards your English speaking goals. That’s what this course is all about—working smart.