Learning Strategies That Will Change Your Life – Part 2

One-of-a-kind Learning Games-Based Course on how to intensify your MEMORY for academic success & self-competence.

Let the games begin!

What you’ll learn

  • Intensify your memory before a test and ON A TEST.
  • Increase your grades.
  • Fulfill your potential.
  • Build self-competence.
  • Control your learning process.
  • Create a powerful set of learning strategies for an ongoing success.

Course Content

  • Great, you’ve joined! –> 3 lectures • 43min.
  • How to treat yourself to enhance your memory –> 3 lectures • 54min.
  • How to enable fast reading & memorizing –> 6 lectures • 1hr 22min.
  • How to utilize accessibility to boost your memory before a test –> 4 lectures • 58min.
  • How to intensify your memory ON A TEST!! –> 3 lectures • 36min.
  • Great Job! –> 3 lectures • 15min.

Learning Strategies That Will Change Your Life - Part 2


Let the games begin!

That’s the first line that pops into my mind when I think about this course.

The reason is that this course is based on FUN LEARNING GAMES for a productive and successful learning.

Having said that, here’s a quick question for you:

Is MEMORY pure genetic luck or a skill that can be improved?

a. Pure genetic luck, you either have it or you don’t.
b. A skill that can be improved.

# The answer according to this course is definately B.
This course shows that…YES! memory can be improved. So, if you want to intensify your memory as soon as possible, you are just in the right place.

Hi, I’m Ronit, welcome
to “Learning Strategies That Will Change Your Life – Part 2”. This part focuses on intensifying your MEMORY for academic success and self-competence through FUN LEARNING GAMES.

Each lesson includes:

# Learning games to study the lesson’s strategy

# A Memory Game to review the main ideas that were discussed.

And now, I’d like to present the following:

1. What are memory learning strategies and why we need them so much.

2. The two things that are most important to succeed in this course.

3. What do you get in this course

4. And finally, an exclusive gift an ongoing success and self-fulfillment


1. So, what are memory strategies and why do we need them so much?

Memory strategies are practical tools to help us remember things faster and better.

We need them especially as students so we can put less time in our studying and gain more success.

I guess it sounds like we want to have the cake and eat it too, right? Well, why not? Thanks to powerful memory strategies, we can!

You want a living proof? Look at me.

I’ve been practicing and teaching learning strategies in the private section for the past 13 years and I’ve seen excellent results for both my students and me.

While I was studying. My life was as packed as a central mall on a black Friday sale.
# I had to work extremely long hours, not to mention getting married, giving birth, AND getting a divorce, and yet thank God, thanks to great learning strategies, I’ve earned my BA from the open university in psychology and education with excellence, made it to the dean’s list once and the presidential list twice.
# Make no mistake, I did study but not for endless hours and not on the expense of other things that I needed to do. And the results were stunning as I managed to fulfill my potential.

From me to YOU
And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you some of the best learning strategies I was fortunate to apply!

2. The two things that are most important to succeed in this course

1. Be open minded

2. Be active

To help you do that, I’ve done the following:

1. Created this course in the form of Fun Learning Games that make you participate and deepen your understanding.

2. Attached these downloadable files to fill out throughout the course:

o A course syllabus

o Strategy page for each lesson.

Course syllabus:
Includes three important columns to gain control and reflect on your progress in this course:

o Did I watch it?

o Did I try it?

o Has it helped me?

Strategy page for each strategy:
Includes all steps for each strategy and a place for your comments.

3. What you get in this course

# 3 memory Strategies on how to treat yourself to enhance your memory

# 6 Strategies to Enable fast reading & memorizing

# 4 Strategies to Utilize accessibility for great memorizing BEFORE a test

# 3 winning Strategies to intensify your memory ON ANY GIVEN TEST.

All together you have 16 life changing strategies. Each carry practical simple steps.

16 Strategies?!

I guess it sounds like a lot to take, and that’s why I have to say that even ONE step is enough to experience success in this course, as long as it works best for you.
That’s because
sometimes what seems to be the smallest step could end up being the biggest as it marks the beginning of a new way, a new awareness of HOW you could do things differently to experience success and self fulfilment.

4. An exclusive gift for an ongoing success
and self-fulfillment

# 3-page Mini Sum Up
# All strategies, All steps
# Friendly user

Especially for you, I’ve created a mini sum up with all strategies and their steps summarized into three pages only in the clearest way. For your convenience, the strategies are divided into their sections, each carry a different color. For example – strategies on how to intensify your memory ON THE TEST appear in yellow. All framed and easy to read. After participating in this course, I’m positive that you’ll be able to make the most of it and make the most of yourself!

Reach out to me

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and share your learning experience by writing a review for this course.

All the best and see you soon?



Learn from others’ experience.
Read these comments to learn about the way I teach and about the great results of the learning strategies I convey: (note, four of the people below are family members, whom I’ve learned from a lot, and I’m honored to be able to do the same for them)



“I highly recommend studying with Ronit. She knows how to make the learning material accessible and explains everything clearly.

She’s an expert in conveying efficient learning strategies to every student.

Ronit’s learning material is very to the point and anyone that is in a learning process could benefit from it.”

Yael Ya’akoby



“I highly recommend joining Ronit’s digital courses.

Ronit is a teacher that has created a path for me in which I feel confident. She has given me learning tools and strategies that are very effective.

Also she’s incredible and inspiring as a human being.

Join and don’t miss out? ”

Gili Ozeri


“I used Ronit’s summaries for an exam I took in Social Psychology at the Open University. I had a few days to study, and I did not prepare summaries on my own and Ronit’s summaries were absolutely great.

She summarized everything in a specified and highly accessible manner, so I didn’t have to use the book or any additional material before the test.

It was the first time that I’ve studied using only summaries and in a very limited time of a few days. To my delight, I also got a score of 99 on the test”?

Laurie Venezia


“Ronit is definitely one of the most special and kind teachers that I’ve met.

First, she’s thorough and she has unique exceptional learning methods to which any student can relate. She knows how to understand and identify exactly what every student needs. She combines between learning and fun which is amazing. Other than that, she’s so giving and caring. The student’s success is really important to her, and she always tries to make additional progress which is not something to take for granted. I highly recommend!”

Yifat Hajaj


“I recommend with all my heart. An amazing teacher, attentive, pleasant who conveys the material the best possible way.

My girls enjoy going to her lessons, feeling confident about the material and most importantly succeeding with thanks to the way the material is conveyed ”

Shunit Twito


“Ronit is an excellent teacher. She is amazing, patient, sensitive to all her students’ needs, helps to improve her students’ skills and leads her students to success.

As Ronit’s student, I can say that she is a professional teacher in an outstanding way. She has abilities and learning strategies that prove themselves repeatedly.

Ronit has a special learning approach, and she knows how to provide the ground and necessary important tools for success. I recommend Ronit with love and great appreciation. I am certain in her ability to assist each and every student.”

Liron Eini


“Dear Ronit,

I am so happy that you continue spreading the light and the wonderful skills in which you have enriched my children.

I wish the system of education applies learning strategies the way you make them usable for our children. All the power to you, love. Good Luck, the Ben Cna’ans . ”

Liora Ben Cna’an


“Ronit’s unique learning strategies has helped me tremendously during my first degree. After using these strategies, I achieved high grades that enabled me to enroll for a second degree. I also know of many other students who had difficulties and were able to excel thanks to Ronit’s special approach and dedication.”

Hadas Linder

“I am happy to recommend Ronit which I was fortunate to have as an English and math tutor for my daughter Keshet when she went to junior high.

Ronit has unique learning methods and tools that she has developed that fit specifically to each student according to his abilities and difficulties. Also, Ronit treats every student personally as she holds an extraordinary understanding of the student’s spirit. She has provided my daughter with confidence in her abilities, motivation and tools which helped her cope with difficulties going forward with her studies. And from a talented child who had difficulties in school she became an army graduate who plans higher education soon!

I would also like to mention that I have recently turned over to Ronit, which meanwhile finished her degree in psychology and learning difficulties, a student who had difficulties and significant learning gaps. I was excited to hear of the progress she had made in only a few months. I recommend Ronit all my heart ”



“Ronit is a high-quality professional teacher. Her learning methods are easy to apply and lead to progress and successful results of the student.”

Roni Segal


“Hi everyone, my name is Alon and I would like to highly recommend Ronit’s unique learning methods. She is a champion. Using her out of the ordinary abilities, she has helped me graduate my first degree in Law school. It’s worth to try and realize the truth of what I’ve written.”

Alon Betzalel


“Hi everyone,

My name is Shani and I’m a home room teacher in elementary school. I started studying with Ronit, who is a champion in my view, from high school, which was very intensive for me. I was running from one final test to another – English, math, history, a lot of material and a lot of stress. I couldn’t handle it on my own. A good friend of mine recommended a teacher named Ronit that would help and teach me how to prepare for tests, how to provide sufficient answers so I’ll get the maximum score, how to put together charts and organize everything be more focused, how to access free websites for example tests that are also used by teachers (the same tests I practiced with Ronit were given by the teacher sometime). Every word she said had a strong meaning. Thanks to Ronit I’ve made progress and moved from a level of three points to four points. All because of the way she has motivated me and given me skills during our lessons.

It was expressed with learning cards which today as a teacher myself I find them necessary for every student. She also had bonuses. For testple, if you got a number of high grades or improved a few times, then you could choose ice-cream or pizza. She also did everything using the highest level of special technological equipment like slide projector, a computer and a printer, microphone and more. I will add this: the knowledge that she provides does not end in high school. I have moved on to my first degree and the assignments have been so demanding not to mention final assignments, and I have come prepared thanks to her!! I highly recommend! Just come and see for yourself.”



“I highly recommend deer Ronit’s learning strategies. In my view, her strategies are suitable for all ages, as you see excellent results and improvement from time to time.

Ronit has taught me math and guided me all the way to the final test.

She prepared a binder just for me, which was a tremendous help on the test. And everything was done with personal attention and genuine concern that made me feel great and increased my motivation to succeed. I’m most thankful for a learning experience, which led to wonderful achievements and a great feeling. Ronit is a first class indeed.”

Chen Betzalel



“I highly recommend Ronit Betzalel as a tutor for English and math. Her learning strategies are original, easy to catch and innovative in their creativity and the way the students are connected to them.

Ronit is impressive as a genuine human being. She has a sharp mind and warm human interpersonal relations. As a father of two girls that succeeded in their final tests thanks to her, and as a father of a younger son who is currently studying with Ronit, I recommend Ronit with all my heart.”

Shay Betzalel


“Ronit is a wonderful teacher. She has been a huge help in English thanks to her amazing strategies. I highly recommend to anyone that likes to talk and understand English well.”

Yosef Haim Shem Tov


“When we started solving Unseen passages in high school, I was having difficulties. I didn’t know where to begin. I was looking for an English tutor and luckily, I got to Ronit. From that moment on my grades were constantly increasing thanks to a learning strategy, which included highlighting dates, cities, names, connectors, clues in the text and a correct overview of the text.

Moreover, I got to have a consistent guided practice of necessary vocabulary. Today I’m 22 and still using the learning strategies I’ve learned. I highly recommend. ”

Ma’ayan Zarfati




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