Korean Level 1 Accomplished in 2 hours

Korean Level 1

About the Course

What you’ll learn

  • Korean level 1 Accomplished in 2 hours.
  • 1 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Korean level 1.
  • Vocabulary, grammar for Korean level 1.

Course Content

  • 介紹 –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Level 1 (1-7) –> 7 lectures • 43min.
  • Level 1 (8-15) –> 8 lectures • 56min.

Korean Level 1 Accomplished in 2 hours


  • Anyone!.

About the Course

  • Courses include Detailed explanation of Korean Level 1 grammar and vocabulary
  • 15 lessons to cover all grammar and vocabulary you will need in Level 1 Korean
  • Korea Sogang University PowerPoint will be used so you can learn in a professional but fun way
  • You will master the Level 1 skill after this course
  • A lot of colorful and fun exercises and vocabulary you can learn during the course
  • Worksheets are provided for some grammars so you can do more exercises after the lesson
  • Please finish the free Pronunciation course before taking this course (it is only 30 minutes)


About the Instructor

  • Miss Li is an experienced Korean tutor who has 10 years of teaching experience
  • She also did several concerts, show interpretation for Kpop stars like EXO, SHINEE, TVXQ, SJ, etc.
  • She was also the Korean MC for the Korea channel TVN for the 2017 MAMA awards in Hong Kong
  • She studied at Korea Kyung Hee University


Small tips about how to learn Korean in a better way

– Lessons are only a few hours, what you do after lessons yourself is more important in learning a language!

– For me, I used to love watching tons of Korean dramas, variety shows after lessons so as to listen more and imitate how they talk!

– I especially recommend variety shows like Runningman as it is fun and also variety show has Korean subtitles most of the time on the screen so you can learn the word as well!

– Use a lot of time to listen to Korean songs, Korean dramas, Korean shows, it does not matter if you cannot understand what they say, the most crucial thing is that you create an environment that you re always listening to Korean

– Practise makes perfect! Try to make some Korean friends by using apps like HelloTalk or some Korean gatherings in your city

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