Electronics : Best Starter to Electronics

Need to learn more about electronics? You are at the right spot. Discover the vast majority of electronics.

Need a hand with Electronics ?

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Understanding behind Electronics..
  • PN Junctions.
  • Diodes in DC.
  • Diodes in AC.
  • Different Types of Diodes.
  • Rectifier Circuits.
  • Zener Diode Circuits.
  • Clipper and Clamper Circuits.
  • Photodiode and LED (Light Emitting Diode) Circuits.
  • The Field-Effect Transistors.
  • MOSFET’s.
  • MOSFET DC Circuit Analysis.
  • Junction Field-Effect Transistors.
  • BPT (Bipolar Junction Transistor).

Course Content

  • 0. Introduction –> 1 lecture • 13min.
  • 1. Semiconductors –> 10 lectures • 2hr 5min.
  • 2. Diodes –> 5 lectures • 41min.

Electronics : Best Starter to Electronics


Need a hand with Electronics ?

You are at the right spot.

This course will provide you a journey, that can fulfill any need you have on electronics starting from basic points to advanced circuits.

It is prepared by spending hours and hours of thinking on the construction to give you the best journey.

You start with a little background on semiconductors – the material behind all the electronic components- and go up to building much more complex circuits that can be used in various areas.

You can easily reach out to syllabus on the course landing page.


This course is published without completing fully, we have 2 reasons for that.

  1. Our student-base, requested us to publish it right away, so that they do not have to wait. They want to start the course right away, and gradually move on as we publish new updates.
  2. We wanted this one to be customized to our students. We would like to get as many feedbacks as we can, so that we can redesign our course in a way that is most beneficial to our students.

Hope this course, helps you a lot and you benefit from the course as much as possible.

For any further questions, you can ALWAYS reach out to us by using our e-mail address. You can find the mail address on the instructor profile.

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