10-minute English boosts: Become a fluent speaker in 10 mins

Master your English Conversation Skills and Apply them in real life

Do you want to speak professional English?

What you’ll learn

  • Acquire natural, flowing pronunciation patterns.
  • Apply 100 vivid vocabulary phrases.
  • Focus on main ideas in everyday conversations.
  • Use 100 personal idiomatic expressions.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 3min.
  • 10-minute Boosts –> 11 lectures • 2hr 6min.

10-minute English boosts: Become a fluent speaker in 10 mins


Do you want to speak professional English?

Do you want to improve your performance on your job? Communication is an important part of your job performance! Asking questions, answering questions, interacting, giving presentations — all of this is essential if you want to use English efficiently on your job. And if you want to get a new job or a better job, you need to be able to communicate well.

And you want to communicate confidently and clearly in the workplace, then this course is perfect for you!


Here’s what students are saying:

“The course was a lot better than other ones I’ve taken on Udemy. The videos had real-life English conversations which was very useful and practical. These were conversations you will definitely encounter in real life as opposed to hypothetical English conversations you usually find in English books and tutorials. There were also lots of exercises to reinforce what you just learned.” – Tseg M.


“This course is very useful, easy to learn, and can improve English skills.” – Nadia H.


“Good course. I saw the other side of English.” – Rex A.


“I’m on the second module, so far it has been pretty interesting and thoughtfully structured. Even contained a specific conversation strategy that made me want to start learning which is how to give expansive responses.” – Ginika E.


“I’d be happy to take more of the instructor’s courses. He teaches very good, he is very informative and helpful and he speaks very clear.” – Nikki C.

“Instructor gives us valuable information and clear explanations. He is very knowledgeable and engaging and offers helpful practice activities.” – Kuachar C.


“Five stars! It is great, excellent, wonderful — how can I explain the gorgeous course? I really love it. Dr. Rost is a good mentor. Thank you, sir, for this valuable courses.” – Serpil O.


“I’ve learned a lot in this course. It’s helping me become better at English communication with my colleagues, my principal, and my students.” – Eloisa H.

“The teacher is very professional. I really liked the exercises to expand my vocabulary, as well as those aimed at paraphrasing the sentences, which really improved my grammar. Thanks for the course Dr. Rost, really well done, congratulations.” – Waldo G.

“The course is very interesting and thoughtfully structured. The specific conversation strategies make me want to have more conversations and give more expansive responses.” Ginika C.


Course Overview

Dr. Michael’s 10-minute English boosts: Become a fluent speaker in 10 minutes a day is composed of 10, 10-minute, fast-paced speaking lessons to improve your fluency – smooth pronunciation, colloquial vocabulary, conversational listening, and idiomatic expressions. Each lesson includes 4 extra speaking and writing assignments and guidance from a top professional teacher.

Dr. Michael Rost is a well-known researcher and teacher trainer. He has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and has written several books and articles on English communication.

Dr. Rost has identified the “secrets” that turn you into a “super learner.” These “secrets” are specific strategies and study habits that successful language learners use.

In each module, we will watch three different interviews, where the students are asked these same five questions. And we’re going to focus on their communication strategies. And then we’re going to follow up with some study skills in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

You will have the opportunity to study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking strategies through the course Workbook, online quizzes, and online forums.


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