Permaculture Made Easy! A Design Course for Sustainability!

World reknowned teachers share design principles and the importance of human relationships to lower our carbon footprint

Want to experience a live in-person Permaculture Course?

What you’ll learn

  • This is the beginning of a Full Certificate Permaculture Design Course.
  • You will learn Ecology, Our greatest world delemas (opportunities) Permaculture Principles. and What permaculture is all about.
  • Permaculture Gardening is just the beginning! Permaculture Food forest, farming, urban, backyards are demonstrated here.
  • This is a high quility documentary style learning. I am sure you will enjoy!.
  • Take a complete course here: www. ecoversity. org/a/2147498261/hBx7jCkp.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 5min.
  • Planting Guilds –> 2 lectures • 8min.
  • Music for Permaculture –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Permaculture Course –> 4 lectures • 1hr 43min.

Permaculture Made Easy! A Design Course for Sustainability!


Want to experience a live in-person Permaculture Course?

Here is my next course in Miami: Look up in Event brite “Permaculture Course Miami South Florida” starting November 20th 2021


This is the beginning of a real permaculture design course. Made specifically to be understood with ease by practically anyone with basic English language. It was designed so that it is not intimidating and more motivational as much as its educational. It’s designed with a focus on social systems at the forefront. Many famous guest teachers like Starhawk and Rosemary Morrow play a key role in helping make this a spectacular experience. I, Deva Presence, am most certain you will enjoy and learn a bunch!!! Give it a try and enjoy!

This course does not go into practicals for planting, building structures, water system, alternative energy or specific climatic factors or world regions. For this, I highly recommend doing a search for local permaculture experts in your area and volunteer your time. I spent 4 years volunteering my time, taking local wild plant walks, helping people build their homes and gardens, when I first started learning about permaculture. This is how I got the most valuable lessons and apply them in my life today.

As one of the founders Bill Mollison puts it, if you want to know about organic gardening or rain catchment or natural building, pick up one of the hundred books out there. I want to know where you are banking and how you invest your time and money. This is how we create the most impact in our world today.

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