pfSense LABS for Beginners

Be familiar with pfSense configuration even without having any prior experience on this OS

Hi, my name is Maher Haddad and I going to to be the trainer of this course.

What you’ll learn

  • Have a first hands-on on pfSense.
  • Knowing pfSense features.
  • Adding a new network on pfsense.
  • Configuring DHCP Server on pfSense with security.
  • Understand and configure bridging on pfSense.
  • Understand and configure Firewalling on pfSense.
  • Understand and configure VLAN on pfSense.
  • Understand and configure QOS on pfSense.

Course Content

  • pfSense First Hands-on –> 3 lectures • 37min.
  • Securing pfSense DHCP assignment –> 2 lectures • 29min.
  • Bridge –> 1 lecture • 12min.
  • Firewall –> 1 lecture • 25min.
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) –> 2 lectures • 40min.
  • QOS –> 1 lecture • 15min.
  • Backup and Restore –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • Graph –> 2 lectures • 11min.

pfSense LABS for Beginners


Hi, my name is Maher Haddad and I going to to be the trainer of this course.

pfSense is becoming very popular these days due to the rich features that it has and the reliability that it provides. However, configuring pfSense applicances is extremly difficult if you do not know the theory behind each of the technologies.

For that reason, I have decided to make a course to be addressed for beginners who wish to start learning pfSense. In this course, I will go slowly talking about each of the topics and will apply each topic on a LAB so you can understant how things are being configured. The LABs will be make using GNS3 emulation, that means you have 0 cost to re-do the LABs again and you do not require to buy any hardware.

Some of the topics that will be explained in this course are:


  • Adding a new Interface on pfSense
  • DHCP Server with static entries and ARP
  • Bridge
  • Firewall
  • VLAN
  • QOS
  • Backup and Restor
  • Graph

The course is meant for beginners on pfSense and you only require to have baseic TCP/IP knowledge and a computer with internet access.

If you are ready to start learning pfSense, just grab this course and I assure you that by end of the course you will be able to configure pfSense for a small/medium companies.

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