Level 10 – Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

Deep Dive into the Candles with Bollinger Bands

All the Levels of The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program are designed to help you :

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Correctly Identify and Trade the W Bottoms using the Bollinger Bands.
  • Use the Bollinger Bands to Navigate Safely Through, and Trade the Triple Tops.
  • Harness the Power of an Internal Bollinger Indicator to Spot Divergence Trades.
  • How to Use The Turn of the Lower Bollinger Band to Spot Bearish Pullback Trades.
  • Learn to Observe the Movement of the Upper Bollinger Band to Spot Bullish Pullback Trades.
  • Learn to Trade the Fakeout Move After The Most Popularly Known Bollinger ‘Squeeze’.
  • For all of the Trade Setups mentioned, Learn How to Harness the Power of Candlesticks to Maximize the Reward to Risk Ratio.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • The W Bottom –> 12 lectures • 1hr 16min.
  • The Triple Tops –> 10 lectures • 50min.
  • Divergences with Bollinger Bands –> 10 lectures • 35min.
  • The Turn of the Lower Band –> 10 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • The Turn of the Upper Band –> 10 lectures • 42min.
  • Trading the Fakeout After the Squeeze –> 10 lectures • 53min.
  • Download the Presentation –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Level 10 - Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program


All the Levels of The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program are designed to help you :

  • Learn How to Trade Stocks, Forex & Commodities Using Candlesticks & Technical Analysis to Become a Professional Trader

Very few traders know that the Bollinger Bands actually consist of three separate indicators within itself:

  1. The Bands
  2. The %B
  3. The Bandwidth

A combination of these indicators (which are cast out of the same cloth), can give some incredible trade setups.

We will discuss this in detail, in this program.

Basically, there are 2 kinds of trades:

  1. Reversals
  2. Continuations

Reversals are risky.

Continuations are less-risky.

We will look at how to handle both types of trades, by combining our deep knowledge of candlesticks with the Bollinger Bands.

This program is a real deep dive into Bollinger Bands, and how they can help us harness the full power of the candlesticks.

Please place your undivided attention on the last 3 sections of this program. These are continuation trade setups.

Their diagnosis requires a step by step process, but once all steps are in place, they give us a relatively safer market entry.

Following are the sub-topics discussed in the program:

The W Bottom

  • The Morning Star Inside the Lower Band
  • A Piercing Pattern Making a New Low
  • The Incorrect W Bottom
  • The Hammer Low Outside the Lower Band
  • The Falling Window & The False W Bottom
  • The Inverted Hammer & a W Bottom
  • The Questionable W Bottom
  • The W Bottom with Extra Confirmation
  • The Giant Missed Opportunity
  • The Inverted Hammer & a Non-Ideal W Bottom
  • Bull Harami with Volume Confirmation
  • Piercing Pattern & Volume Confirmation

The Triple Tops

  • The Triple Top & Doji
  • The Triple Top with a Bearish Engulfing Pattern
  • The Triple Top with Volume Confirmation
  • The Triple Top & a Falling Window
  • The False Triple Top
  • The Triple Top with Volume & Stochastics Confirmation
  • Correctly Identifying a Triple Top with Bollingers
  • The Throwback Rally
  • The Dilemma at a Triple Top Formation
  • The Importance of Relative Lows

Divergences with Bollinger Bands

  • The Simplicity of %B
  • %B is Based on the Closing Price
  • Not a Bullish Divergence
  • The Bullish Divergence
  • The Ideal Bullish Divergence
  • The Bearish Divergence
  • The Bearish Engulfing Pattern at the Top
  • Not a Bearish Divergence
  • The Hanging Man & a Bearish Divergence
  • The Doji & The Bearish Divergence

The Turn of the Lower Band

  • The Turn of the Lower Band
  • The Successful Test of the Middle Band
  • Wait for a Test of the Middle Band
  • Following the Middle Band
  • Wait for a Clear Signal
  • The Unsuccessful Test of the Middle Band
  • Let Go of This Trade
  • Multiple Ways to Exit a Trade
  • The Last Engulfing Bottom
  • The Importance of a 50% Exit

The Turn of the Upper Band

  • The Turn of the Upper Band
  • The Power of Partial Exits
  • Importance of Middle Band as a Stop Loss
  • Don’t Underestimate a Small Candle
  • Correctly Checking the Criteria
  • The Reason for the Upper Band Criteria
  • The Problem with the Opening Price
  • Why Not to Use the 3 Candle Rule
  • Do Not Violate the Criteria
  • Always Keep MB as a Mental Stop Loss

Trading the Fakeout After the Squeeze

  • The Fakeout Move
  • Not a Fakeout Move
  • Wait for the Moving Average
  • The Use of Money Management
  • The Missed Opportunity
  • The Importance of a Smart Exit
  • Take the Loss and Move On
  • Take This Trade
  • The Importance of Patience
  • The Classic Pullback

Learn concepts that apply to any type of trading. If you know how to read one chart, you can read them all. This course through its various levels will help you understand this unique and most primitive technique of trading. The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program can be applied in any or all of the following areas of work :

  • Forex Trading / FX Trading / Currency Trading
  • Stock Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Intraday Trading / Day Trading
  • Positional Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Technical Analysis of Stocks, Commodities & Currencies
  • Price Action Trading
  • Chart Pattern Analysis
  • Cryptocurrency Trading

Standard Disclaimer : The material presented here is for educational purposes only. Please do proper due diligence. There are risks involved in markets. Returns are never guaranteed. The Japanese Candlesticks are a tool, not a trading system. However, they can be used for any timeframe, any asset class (stocks, commodities & currencies) and any financial instrument (spot, futures & options). The principles discussed in this course are applicable to any market in the world, provided the price information is accurate and is coming from a reliable source. This course is not about which broker you should use or how to use your respective broker platform. This course is about educating you on Japanese Candlesticks in detail so that you can apply these principles in your own market and in your own trading style and timeframe.

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