Excel shortcuts for Investment Banking

Forget the mouse, the keyboard is your best friend !

Dear Apprentice,

What you’ll learn

  • #1 Use excel without the mouse.
  • #2 Gain a tremendous amount of time on a daily basis.
  • #3 Get the job done, while being faster than 99% of other candidates.
  • #4 Become an Excel Rockstar (isn’t that cool ?).

Course Content

  • Video classes –> 6 lectures • 43min.

Excel shortcuts for Investment Banking


Dear Apprentice,

What can be more boring than learning Excel shortcuts? Spending the night in the office because you don’t know them!

Whether you dream of joining Goldman Sachs, or you just want to become more efficient, you knocked at the right door! This course is all about bridging the gap between students and Excel Wizard. After failing at several modelling test (and finally succeeding!), I noticed that financial skills were not enough. Winning an offer requires you to be extremely efficient at handling Excel.

This class is the missing link between your financial background (or any other) and the professional world. Through a learning by doing approach, you will have the possibility to learn 60+ shortcuts and 30+ formulas, then applying them to concrete exercises. Trust me, you will save a tremendous amount of time after this class! When working up to 100 hours/a week, this may save you a few hours of sleep!


In total, 6 themes are displayed in the program:

# Navigation & Selection

# Rows & Columns

# Formatting

# Research & Replace

# Setting up a model

# Debt modelling


Each session will start by providing you with all shortcuts/formulas needed to cover the theme. Then, I will complete the exercise in front of you, step by step, before increasing the pace. For each exercise, a completion time will be indicated. I encourage you to practice the theme until you can reach the threshold. Feel free to comment when you beat my completion time (but don’t be too hard on me…).


So, are you ready to Excel at It?

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