Excel in accounting

Basic to advanced level of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Are you scared of EXCEL use in real life accounting!!!!

What you’ll learn

  • Total 37 small & medium videos on Excel covering accounting tools.
  • Total course covered in 3.5 hours (Basic spreadsheet to advanced).
  • Online access to course materials (Detailed course instruction).
  • Plenty of practice on accounting excel.
  • Excel questions are downloadable.
  • Course book is downloadable.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 17min.
  • Basic excel tools in Accounting –> 17 lectures • 1hr 50min.
  • Advanced use of Excel in Accounting –> 19 lectures • 1hr 28min.

Excel in accounting


  • Having some basic accounting skills are advantageous but not essential.
  • Need a computer devise with Microsoft Excel.

Are you scared of EXCEL use in real life accounting!!!!

Just spend around 3 hours & master your Excel skills.

This is a must course for accounting students, prospective & real life accountants. This course will help you to learn Spreadsheet Excel from beginning to advanced level. You will start from copy paste & end with PIVOT tables, V Look ups, Data manipulation and many more important accounting Excel tools.

Just checkout the content descriptions from the curriculum, you will feel what areas of Excel you are going to learn. For Accountants & Bookkeepers, this 3 hours course is a blessings.

The course is guided by world class course materials which is viewable.

Plenty of practice resources can be downloadable.

Taught by a chartered accountant from United Kingdom with 15 years of teaching experience.


You gonna learn:

1: Excel interface

2: Copy paste insert delete

3: How to put date & time , header & footer

4: Construction of real life accounting in spreadsheet

5: Commission, Variance analysis & budgets

6: If function, Count if, counta, compound if

7: Conditional formatting

8: Ranking

9: Charts & Graphs

10: Data manipulation

11: Printing of Excel files

12: Data security

13: Data validation

14: Subtotals

15: Filtering

16: Find & replace

17: Pivot table & Pivot Charts

18: V look up H look up

19: Data table, Goal seek, Scenarios, Circular referencing 20: Combination of charts.

20: Error checking & many more.


Enroll & feel the confidence.

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