Angular | Build Flights Information System

Build Flights Information System Using Angular

In this course you will learn how to Build Flights Information System using Angular.

What you’ll learn

  • create a complete website using Angular.
  • create components,directives & services.
  • create a login form & form validation.
  • display data to html using.
  • fix bugs & manage your complete website easily.

Course Content

  • course content –> 25 lectures • 2hr 16min.

Angular | Build Flights Information System


In this course you will learn how to Build Flights Information System using Angular.

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for creating front end apps. Its popularity was derived from Google which has created & launched it. If you want to work & move forward with your career as a frond-end developer, you definitely need to learn Angular.

With TypeScript, Angular might seem so difficult and impossible to learn, however, In this course we make things so easy like never before. Actually you will realize how easy Angular is after you follow through with me.

Angular 4 will make the process of managing your website as easy as possible and you will not believe so. Moreover, fixing bugs in Angular is quite simple because you can locate the error quickly with features given by Angular.

By the end of this course you:

  • will have created a completed website.
  • will have learned the most important features of Angular
  • will be able to use Angular with your own project
  • will  fix bugs & manage your project easily

Here are the most important topics covered in this course:

  • Creating components
  • Using directives & creating custom directives
  • Adding modules to your project
  • Using command line to interact with your Angular project
  • MVVM concept
  • Login form & form validation
  • Logout & back button
  • HTTP get request
  • Get JSON response from HTTP Request
  • Displaying JSON data to your view
  • Using for directive loop through arrays in view
  • Using if statement in view
  • Adding routing & navigation
  • Creating services to use throughout your project
  • Designing your html using bootstrap & css


easiness is our goal, instead of doing it the hard way we choose the easy way in all aspect of our course.



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