UX Freelancer’s Guide to Pricing, Estimating + Contracts

Everything Freelance Designers + UXers need to know about estimating, pricing, promoting, proposing + contracts.

I’ll cut to the chase: I created this course to answer the following six questions I am asked nearly every day by UX and Design freelancers of all stripes:

What you’ll learn

  • Everything freelance UXers or Designers need to know about self-promotion, pitching their ideas, writing killer proposals and simple (but ironclad) contracts..
  • Marketing + promotion methods that ensure potential clients know you exist, know who you are and what you do + why it’s worth their time to talk with you..
  • Networking tips that actually work — for people who hate networking ;-).
  • The six questions you should ask every person you meet at a networking event — and why they WORK..
  • Joe’s recipe for customized messages and promotional items that get the attention of targeted, prospective clients..
  • Creating content for social media to extend your reach and prove your expertise.
  • The 8 laws Joe follows religiously when presenting or pitching a proposal to prospective clients.
  • The 5 components Joe uses in every proposal, and has used for each of his 23 years as a consultant..
  • A live walk-through of one of Joe’s actual proposals, explained step-by-step along the way..
  • Why you should always work with a contract — and what needs to be in yours.
  • The 3 Rules Joe follows in every client contract situation — and why you should, too..
  • A line-by-line walkthrough of the standard contract for services Joe has used for the last 20 years..
  • A downloadable contract template you can customize for your own work!.

Course Content

  • Pricing + estimating your work –> 6 lectures • 1hr 3min.
  • Keeping more of what you make + protecting yourself –> 2 lectures • 35min.
  • Promoting your services and yourself –> 2 lectures • 18min.
  • Pitching and presenting to prospective clients –> 2 lectures • 27min.
  • Contracts –> 2 lectures • 19min.

UX Freelancer’s Guide to Pricing, Estimating + Contracts


I’ll cut to the chase: I created this course to answer the following six questions I am asked nearly every day by UX and Design freelancers of all stripes:

  1. How much should I charge?
  2. How do I estimate a project?
  3. What’s the best way to promote myself to get clients?
  4. How do I pitch and present to those clients to land the work?
  5. What should be in my proposal?
  6. What terms should be in my contract, and how do I create one that won’t scare them off?

Why am I asked so often? Because there are simply no good, useful, actionable answers to be found anywhere. Especially online, where articles and videos that promise to answer these questions actually do nothing of the sort. Instead, they give fuzzy, nebulous advice that freelancers can’t take and put to use.

I figured it was time to end all that, because anyone with enough courage to work for themselves deserves a whole lot better.

Working for yourself is hard enough without wasting time on empty promises and slick marketing-speak. So that is NOT what you’ll find here.

Instead, you’ll find practical, step-by-step advice that you can put to use right now — based on my 30 years as an independent Designer and UX consultant. I ran my own firm for 10 years and moved to consulting for the next 20, and to be honest, I made every mistake in the book. Sometimes twice. But as they saying goes, we learn best from our mistakes. And I personally believe that in any situation, either you win or you learn.

So what I’m going to give you here is everything I’ve learned along the way — principles and practices that I follow religiously and lean hard on. Techniques that are as responsible for my success as the value I give to clients when doing the work.

And you can ask me any and all questions you have along the way; I answer every single question and message I get, no exceptions.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the six questions above, or ever had a moment where you felt like “I don’t know what I should do here,” then this course is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s get started.

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