Micro-Renewable energy for Beginners

Learn about micro-renewable energy from an expert with 20 years experience

Want to learn about how you can power your Home or Business?

What you’ll learn

  • Assess the viability of each type of micro-renewable energy.
  • Calculate a particular products output or understand how it is done.
  • Optimise the deployment of micro-renewable energy technology.
  • Give yourself a chance to complete the advanced course which involves the financial aspects of micro-renewable energy.

Course Content

  • Introduction & Unit 1 – Solar Power –> 2 lectures • 22min.
  • Unit 2 – Heat Pumps –> 1 lecture • 15min.
  • Unit 3 – Wind Power –> 1 lecture • 20min.
  • Unit 4 – Micro-Hydro Power –> 2 lectures • 23min.
  • Unit 5 – ‘Power’ Storage –> 2 lectures • 33min.
  • Additional Lecture on Electricity –> 1 lecture • 11min.

Micro-Renewable energy for Beginners


Want to learn about how you can power your Home or Business?

This is the first ever Micro-renewable energy course of its kind. It has been developed for 17 years, tested on many students live before being produced into video slides with a professional course presenter. It is a beginners course where you will learn how to calculate outputs like kilowatthour which are used by electric companies to charge you for your energy use!

Discover how YOU can help yourself and others save and make FREE MONEY

Imagine making money for free, whilst at work or while you sleep. Sounds a great idea. That’s because it is. Learn about micro-renewable energy, how it works, where to deploy it, how much energy it produces and you are on your way to making a fortune, either by buying it as an asset (something that makes you money) or by learning how to sell these products in a new exciting career, which our course is going to help you obtain!

What will I learn about?

By the end of this course you will understand how each of the technologies work, how to calculate their outputs, and how to optimise their deployment. Once completed you will be able to:-

  • Assess the viability of a particular type of micro-renewable energy
  • Calculate the energy output where possible
  • Optimise its deployment
  • By taking the advanced level course you will also be able to financially analyse its benefits.


Why listen to us?

Our courses are written designed by our expert, John Clarkson, who has many years in the renewable energy industry, and presented by Tatjana Anders.

We make this course easy to learn by

  • Saving you time having to study each type of technology separately. Here you get Solar power, heat pumps, micro-wind and hydro power and how store electrical energy using battery technology all in separate lectures.
  • Providing you support should you have any questions. (Most of our students have not required any assistance!)
  • Keeping the physics to a minimum, by focusing on the easy maths that helps you calculate the amount of energy being output! This makes the course easy for beginners

Don’t give up on your Dream

  • Doing this course could get you a job in the micro-renewable energy as a sales person
  • Doing this course could help you buy the appropriate technology to save you money in your home
  • Doing this course could build you a future for you and your family

Bonus Benefits

By taking this course you are able to progress to our second course Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy for Professionals/Customers which was given a rave review by one of our students who works in the financial sector!

Suni Thakur a student of our courses commented on our Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy for Professionals/Customers:-

“Fantastic course. I am a trader in the financial markets (stocks and currencies) so I strongly recommend this course for understanding about investing in micro-renewable energy.”

Embrace the Future

In the next 100 years we are going to enter a world where oil is no longer cheap and other fossil fuels are increasingly seen as polluting. The future is going to be SMART grids operated by smart people. Act today and open your mind to a whole new range of possibilties.


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